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I'm Keshu and I'm a

I'm a self-taught Web Designer. I am learning HTML, CSS, JS and Python from the last 2 years. I am looking for a team to create a big project. If you are interested do send me a mail.

I am learning Guitar since 4 years. Learning music is a great experience.


Website Designs

I can make websites which are responsive. Get A Websites Now NEW


I can make Chrome Extensions which will make your experience better while using chrome. Download Extension's


I can make games using JS, CSS, HTML and Python. Demo Games

My skills

My skills

I mostly use HTML, CSS and JS for my projects. Websites, Extensions and Games are till now the best projects i have ever made.

HTML 96%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 79%
PHP 68%

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Hey you can contact me and tell me if you need any help. You can contact me by using the built-in Chat or Email. I am very responsive to Emails and Chat.